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  • Jane Ransom

    100% agree with you, Neel! Bravo for your honesty and insight.

    • Neel Raman

      Thanks Jane for your comment. This post was particularly enjoyable for me as I do believe in the idea of doing what you love in life. However there are other things that must be addressed in order for the money to follow while doing what you love.

  • Sean Smith

    #1 is the big one that I’ve seen most often. The people who are drawn to coaching and other service professions want to help others at a deep level. But ‘helping others’ and ‘marketing’ don’t go hand in hand too often. So doing what you love without knowing how to make money will never work. But neither will knowing how to make money WITHOUT doing something you’ll love. I believe you should do what we love AND learn how to make money at it so we can keep doing it. That will usually require personal and professional coaching, in my experience. Great article, Neel.

    • Neel Raman

      I totally agree that being able to do both well is critical to sustaining a long-term business. Finding what you love is just the first step if one wants to be able to make a living from doing what they love. Knowing how to make money doing what we love is a process in itself. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Sean!