5 Reasons Why Some People Are More Creative Than Others

What it Takes to Be Considered a Creative Person

Our ability to be creative comes down to finding a connection between two unrelated things and determining the value that emerges as a result of that new connection.

Put simply, being creative is very similar to what learning is, which is connecting something we know to something we don’t know.

Some questions that often arise around the topic of creativity include:

  • Are some people naturally more creative than others?
  • Are we born creative or is it something we develop?
  • Is creativity genetic?
  • Why do some people appear to be more creative than others?
  • What makes a person creative?

Some of the beliefs around creativity includes:

  • Right-brained people are more creative.
  • We’re either creative or we’re not.
  • Highly creative people are not normal, maybe even a little weird.
  • We can’t all be creative.

While there will always be different ideas or opinions around why some people are more creative than others, the truth is creativity is something that can be developed.

How to become more creative

7 Easy Morning Exercises That Will Make You Start Your Day Well

How You Can Get Healthier by Doing Some Simple Exercises Daily

We know the importance of having a regular exercise routine but unfortunately, we don’t always do what we know is good for us.

Some of the common excuses people make for not having a regular exercise routine are:

  • Not having enough time.
  • Being too busy.
  • Exercising takes up too much time.
  • Don’t know what exercises to do.
  • Not motivated enough.

The truth is if something is important to us, we will always find the time for it. Having a regular exercise routine will lead to:

  • Better health and fitness.
  • Better mental and emotional health.
  • Less stress or anxiety.
  • Better mood or outlook on life.
  • Higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Exercising does not need to take up a lot of time daily if we’re committed to living a healthy life.

Morning exercise videos

How To Make Yourself Feel Better Any Time

5 Things You Can Do to Get Motivated Again

We all go through phases where we don’t feel the best and struggle to get ourselves motivated to do the things we know we should.

As our emotions dictate what we will or will not do, it’s important we have ways to change how we are feeling so that we can get back to doing what’s required of us.

Our emotions are like a rollercoaster—they’re constantly changing and are either going up or down. The better we can manage or control our emotions, the better we will function.

If we’re feeling down, unmotivated or disengaged, and we allow ourselves to stay that way for long periods of time, it can:

  • Lead to more serious negative emotions such as depression or anxiety.
  • Cause us to lose our zest for life.
  • Make us unproductive and inefficient.
  • Bring about more mental, emotional and physical challenges.
  • Affect others around us, most likely in a negative way.

Having ways to pick ourselves up when we’re feeling down can prevent us from experiencing more problems later on.

How to feel good about yourself

Why Being Around Other Achievers Can Make You A Better Performer This Year

5 Things I Learned After Attending an Event for High Performers Recently

A powerful lesson I learned early on in my career is we become like the people we spend most of our time with.

I remember when I first emigrated to Australia, I spoke with a Fijian accent, as that’s where I’m originally from. Within two or three years, my accent changed to an Australian accent because I was around people who spoke that way.

This is why it’s often suggested that the best way to learn a new language is to travel to a country where it’s the predominant language spoken so we are forced to adapt quickly in order to be able to communicate effectively.

Likewise, if we want to become better performers, whether it’s in sports, our work, our businesses, or life in general, being around other people who are also committed to becoming better performers will greatly accelerate our progress and our personal growth.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to attend an event called High Performance Academy, hosted by Brendon Burchard, the author of numerous best-selling books, including his most recent one titled, High Performance Habits.

The event exceeded my expectations so I’d like to share some of the things I learned being around other high performers.

How to achieve more this year

5 Things To Absolutely Stop Doing This Year

What You Can Do to Have a Better Year

The start of a New Year is a good time to reflect on the things we have been doing up until now and identify how we can do better.

It’s highly beneficial to review our previous year and put plans in place for the New Year.

As part of that review, an area we should look at are the things we did, that either didn’t serve us, or move us closer to where we wanted to be or what we wanted to achieve.

The reasons why we want to look at these things include:

  • It’ll help identify patterns we know we should change.
  • It’ll help make us more effective or productive.
  • It’ll help eliminate unnecessary commitments.
  • It’ll help reduce stress and overwhelm as we’ll be taking on less things.
  • It’ll help us focus on the things that are truly important to us.

As we identify these things, it will help us tremendously this year if we make a commitment to stop doing them.

Things to stop doing this year

My Top 10 Posts Of The Year

The 10 Most Popular Posts This Year

Thanks for visiting and reading the content on my website throughout the year.

Out of the over 100 posts published, I’ve picked the top 10, based on the traffic each post had this year. Enjoy!

Top Posts for 2017 from Neel Raman

  1. 5 Valuable Reasons Why Powerful Leaders Never Stop Learning
  2. 10 Ways You Can Stay Calm Under Pressure Like Great Leaders Do
  3. 10 Uncomfortable Things That Will Make You More Successful
  4. 10 Things People Who Have High Standards Will Appreciate
  5. How To Train Your Brain To Become More Positive
  6. 10 Powerful Ways Positive And Negative People Differ In Their Results
  7. 10 Things That Will Happen When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  8. 5 Poor Leadership Qualities And How To Easily Avoid Them
  9. How To Train Your Brain To Learn Faster And Gain More Confidence
  10. 5 Surprising Things That Make Ordinary People Powerful Leaders

Question: Which post was your favourite one?

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10 Things That Will Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Simple Ways You Can Create Greater Amounts of Fun and Happiness Daily

As we’re in the festive and holiday season, this is a perfect time to pause and reflect on what we’re doing and how we can bring more joy into our lives.

It’s not uncommon for people to get caught up in the busyness of life and not give enough attention to the things that light them up or give more meaning to what they’re actually doing in their lives.

The good news is, most times, the things that give us the greatest joy, costs very little or nothing at all. We just have to be willing to allocate time to doing them and make them a priority in our everyday lives.

The more we do these things, the better we’ll feel about ourselves and the better our attitude or mood will be. This will also positively affect those around us and help create more joy in everybody’s lives.

How to live joyfully

How To Deal With Negative People In Your Life

5 Things You Can Do When Around People Who Whine, Blame and Complain

Have you ever wondered or wished you could better deal with people who constantly whine, blame or complain when you speak to them?

In our daily interactions, we encounter people who spend so much energy focusing on things that are not going well or on things that are beyond their control. The risk of being around negative people is that they can:

  • Affect our attitude.
  • Cause us to spend mental and emotional energy listening to their complaints.
  • Take our focus away from what we want to do.
  • Lower our motivation levels.
  • Affect the quality of our work.

Knowing what to do when we’re around people who tend to be negative is extremely valuable. It’s starts with us being aware of our own attitude, the language we are using and what we’re giving our attention to.

How to deal with negative people

10 Compliments That Will Make A Person Feel Good

Things You Can Say to Brighten Someone’s Day

We love to receive compliments, especially when we’re having a bad day or struggling with something. A simple compliment can instantly change the mood we’re in.

The challenge people face is knowing what to say on a regular basis so that giving compliments becomes a habit. As one of the laws of the universe states that in order to receive, we must be willing to give first.

People respond differently to compliments so it’s important to know when a compliment is appropriate and when it’s not. One of my mentors often says people are walking around with a sticker on their foreheads that says, “Please appreciate me.”

The best compliments are often the ones least expected and expressed with authenticity. I remember many years ago, I was enrolled in a Business Management course, and one of the activities the students had to complete was to create a business plan based on the products and services they offered.

As I was still very new to business, I didn’t really know what I would be offering, so I created a matrix of products and services based on what I wanted to offer in the future, some of them many years down the track. At that time, I didn’t really know any better.

How to compliment a friend