10 Powerful Ways Positive And Negative People Differ In Their Results

Why Having The Right Attitude Determines What We Get in Life

The type of people we spend most of our time with influences the type of results we get and the quality of our lives.

Yet often, we find it difficult to remove ourselves from negativity.

Why does negativity have such a powerful influence on us?

One reason is because we have been programmed from an early age with negativity. It could have been from people who had influence over us like our parents or guardians, who without being aware of what they were doing, affected us with their words and actions.

Our programming affects our behaviours and actions, and most times, we do things without giving them any conscious thought. Therefore we get attracted to negativity because it’s what we are more familiar with.

There is a huge difference in the results of positive and negative people. Most times, it only takes a slight adjustment to one’s attitude to start getting better results.

Why having a positive attitude leads to better results

While there are many differences in the results positive and negative people achieve, here are ten of those differences. Knowing these will help us choose wisely who we want to spend most of our time with.

Positive PeopleNegative People
Give attention to things they can influence and controlGive attention to things they’d rather not influence through whining, complaining and blaming
Take responsibility when things don’t go as plannedBlame others or their circumstances when they don’t get the results they want
Open to new ideas and new ways of doing thingsLike doing things the same way because that’s how “they’ve always done it”
Willing to take feedback in order to improveReject or refuse to accept feedback because they believe they know best
Focus on other people’s strengthsFocus on the weaknesses of others or what they are not doing well
Give to others without expecting anything in returnTake more than they give to others
Appreciate and compliment others consistentlyRarely give compliments because they’re too focused on themselves
Optimistic about the present, the future, and focus more on what they wantPessimistic about the present, lack clarity about the future, and focus more on what they don’t want
Believe in investing in themselves and the value in continuous learningBelieve they already “know it all” and investing in themselves is not a priority
Willing to take intelligent risks in order to achieve what they want in lifeDon’t take risks and hope someone or something will make their lives better for them

If we want to improve the quality of our lives, the starting point is to change our attitude. And if we want to achieve new and better results, we must choose to associate more with positive people rather than negative people.

Action Step: Choose one quality positive people have from the table above and focus on it for the next week until it becomes more comfortable. Then over time, continue developing more of the qualities positive people have.

Question: What is another way positive and negative people differ in their results?

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