5 Valuable Reasons Why Powerful Leaders Never Stop Learning

Important Things To Know If You Are In Any Form Of Leadership Role

There is a law of the universe which states that any living thing that is not growing, is actually dying. Learning equals growth.

As we live in a universe that is in a constant state of motion, we have to be continuously learning and evolving because nothing stays the same.

If we take our physical health as an example—if we don’t pay attention to it and eat unhealthy foods or stop doing any form of exercise, then it will affect us in a negative way.

Similarly, if we stop learning, then we will be left behind and won’t be able to keep up with things that are continuously changing.

I remember when I had completed my university studies, I thought my learning days were over. Having spent so much time in an academic learning environment, I couldn’t wait to go out into the real world.

Was I in for a surprise?

The importance of continuous learning

5 Good Things That Will Happen When Leaders Collaborate

The Real Benefits of Working With Your Leadership Colleagues

Being a leader can be a lonely experience, along with having to carry a lot of responsibilities, especially when leading others in a professional environment.

Good leaders can do things themselves and motivate others to do the same, whereas great leaders get others involved and empower them to lead themselves and others better.

A powerful leadership lesson I have learned is that people will support what they are involved in because they have buy-in. In laymen’s terms, they have “skin in the game.”

Having had many leadership roles in my corporate career, based on what I know now, one thing I could have done better was to have taken a more collaborative approach when leading others.

As I was seen as the leader, it was expected that I would tell team members what to do and what I expected of them. The “command” type of leadership was the norm.

The good things that will happen when leaders collaborate

3 Reasons Why Other Leaders Can Make You A Better Leader Quickly

What You Can Do To Elevate Your Leadership Skills

Just like anyone else, leaders have good days and challenging days. A leader’s true character is really tested during challenging times.

Those who are able to step up and face their challenges head-on will continue to improve their leadership abilities, while those who do not cope well, will find themselves facing more challenging situations on a regular basis.

There are many things a person can do to improve their leadership abilities and these include:

  • Asking for feedback from their team members, peers and superiors.
  • Finding mentors.
  • Attending leadership training programs.
  • Reading books on leadership. Here’s one book on leadership worth reading.
  • Taking online leadership courses.

The reality is that all leaders go through low periods during their leadership journey. Just like a sportsperson will go through a form slump, being a leader can be the same. The key is knowing how to respond during such events.

How to become a better leader quickly

5 Surprising Things That Make Ordinary People Powerful Leaders

Simple Reminders That Will Help Develop Your Leadership Abilities

At this point in the history of the world, there is a huge need for leaders who are driven by their desire to make a positive difference.

Whether it’s in politics, in businesses, or in our communities, there has never been a greater need for more aware, aspirational and authentic leaders.

Countries, societies and communities are defined by those in leadership roles, so the better leaders we have, the better communities and societies we will create.

On the flip side, if we don’t have strong leadership in our communities and societies, it can lead to:

  • Internal conflict and turmoil.
  • Mass revolt by the people, as we have seen recently in some countries.
  • Reduced consumer confidence, which will have a negative economic impact.
  • Reluctance from others to step into leadership roles.

How to become a powerful leader

How To Create Mass Influence Like Highly Successful People

Why The Ability To Influence Others Is A Key Leadership Quality To Have

Leadership is often regarded as the ability to influence others to act or behave in order to achieve common objectives.

When it comes to mass influence, it’s often a mystery why some leaders are able to create powerful movements whereas other leaders struggle to get their message across to those they want to influence.

In this TEDx talk, influence expert, Teresa de Grosbois, who is also a featured expert in the upcoming online summit, Ignite The Leader Within, shares that “thing” that creates a leader so compelling and influential that the world turns when they speak.


Action Step: Choose one thing that Teresa shared during her talk and apply it this week whenever you are in a leadership role, whether that is professionally or personally.

Question: What was your biggest takeaway from this talk?

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How To Recover Quickly When Your Productivity Is Destroyed

5 Actions You Can Take To Get Your Day Back On Track

Sometimes even the most productive people have days where they find it difficult to get into their groove and get things done.

Have you ever had a day, which you started off with the intention to get a lot done, only to find yourself distracted or sidetracked by other things?

The good news is that it happens to all of us. While having an intention to get certain things done on a given day is better than not having any intention, there will be times when unexpected things occur.

If we are not prepared to deal with such instances, we will:

  • Lose valuable time.
  • Slow down our progress.
  • Experience reduced levels of motivation.
  • Delay how quickly we get things done.

How to recover quickly from unproductive days

How To Consistently Get Your Most Important Things Done

5 Steps You Can Apply To Finish Tasks All The Time

One thing that separates high achievers from ordinary achievers is their ability to get things completed more consistently.

Rather than having multiple partly completed tasks, high achievers are able to focus on a few critical things and do them really well until they’re completed.

In this video, Marie Forleo shares five things we can do to become more consistent, which in turn, will help us get our most important tasks done all the time.



Action Step: Choose one thing that you will apply this week and focus on that for the next week. Over the next few weeks, continue adding a new thing until you have applied all the ideas suggested in the video.

Question: What is another thing we can do to become more consistent with getting things done?

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5 Things Influential Leaders Do Better Than Poor Leaders

How To Increase Your Leadership Influence By Doing A Few Simple Things

Being considered a leader can be a wonderful privilege, but it also comes with a certain level of responsibility.

We admire great leaders, whether that’s in business, in sports, in our communities or in our personal lives. They tend to possess certain qualities that average or poor leaders do not have.

Those qualities create a magnetic appeal and results in others readily following their lead and being influenced by them to achieve positive outcomes.

So what are those things powerful leaders have that make them more influential, appealing and persuasive?

Things influential leaders have in common

How To Learn Anything New Surprisingly Quickly

Why Spending Lots Of Time Is Not Necessary To Learn A New Skill

As we are still in the early stages of a new year, learning a new skill may be something we’d like to do this year.

One reason why people tend to stop themselves from learning something new is they believe it will require a lot of time to acquire a new skill.

In this video, Josh Kaufman challenges the popular belief that it requires 10,000 hours to become an expert or learn something new. He also reveals what the major barrier is to acquiring a new skill.



Action Step: Develop a new learning plan for the year. Identify one or two new things you would like to learn then schedule the necessary time as revealed in the video to make it happen.

Question: What is something new you would like to learn this year?

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10 Ways You Can Stay Calm Under Pressure Like Great Leaders Do

Simple Ideas That Will Make Stressful Situations Easier To Cope With

We’re all in a leadership role in some way, which usually starts with leading ourselves first.

Throughout life, we’ll have many situations where we will be tested, whether that is mentally, emotionally, physically or relationally. How we deal with those situations determines the type of leader we become, which also affects whether we accomplish what we want to or not.

The better we become at managing challenging situations, the more we will grow as a leader. Anyone can learn to deal with stressful situations if they want to. As the great Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Ways to stay calm under pressure like great leaders do